WOF Entertainment, Inc.

WOF Entertainment, Inc. is a recently formed independent film company created by Mark Lipsky and Robert Agueli which focuses on the development, production and financing of commercial motion pictures, network television programming and animated family features and include such popular genres as adventure, suspense, horror, family, and teen comedies.

Mark’s films as Executive Producer and Producer have theatrically grossed over US$1.5 billion worldwide and include: “Coming to America” (1988-Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall & James Earl Jones); “Harlem Nights” (1989-Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor & Danny Aiello); “Another 48 Hours“ (1990-Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte); “Boomerang“ (1992-Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence, Grace Jones, David Alan Grier, & Chris Rock); “Beverly Hills Cops III” (1994-Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Jon Tenney & Hector Elizondo);  Wes Craven’s – “Vampire in Brooklyn” (1995-Eddie Murphy & Angela Bassett); “The Nutty Professor” (1996-Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith & Dave Chappelle); “Metro” (1997-Eddie Murphy & Michael Rapaport); and “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding” (2004-Mila Kunis, Adrian Grenier & Joey McIntyre).

The Principals of WOF Entertainment, Inc. are

Mark Lipsky

Mark Lipsky: President & Chairman of the Board  

In addition to the above, Mr. Lipsky served as Eddie Murphy’s Personal Manager and Vice President of Eddie Murphy Productions for approximately ten years. Prior to that, he served as Mr. Murphy’s Business Manager for five years. He was also instrumental in establishing the Arsenio Hall Show and served, as its Executive Producer. In addition he was also Personal Manager for Arsenio Hall and Chris Rock. Mr. Lipsky has also personally represented many well-known actors, writers, producers and other talent, including John Belushi, Lorne Michaels, Dan Aykroyd, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jean Doumanian and Annie Leibovitz. A native New Yorker, Mr. Lipsky graduated from Pace University and began his career as a Certified Public Accountant.

Rob Agueli

Robert Agueli: Chief Executive Officer

Robert Agueli has over twenty years experience on Wall Street. He was a Principal of G.F. Tate & Co.  During his professional career Mr. Agueli has managed over $100 million in high net worth investor capital.  In addition to raising the seed capital for both WOF Entertainment, Inc. and G. F. Tate, Mr. Agueli has raised over $50 million in equity for private ventures and new issues coming to market. Mr. Agueli, along with his former partner J. C. Connors (Cantor, Fitzgerald), also raised the capital for the full-length feature film High Times, Potluck written by Victor Colicchio (Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam).

Having focused on the strategic development and marketing of start-up operations within the financial community, Mr. Agueli offers financial insight to achieve the highest level of profitability.

RJ Konner

RJ Konner: Senior Vice President

RJ KONNER has appeared in over 75 feature films and TV series. He was most recently featured in “Hollywould” (2019), “But Deliver Us From Evil” (2017) and “The Adjustment Bureau” (2011) to name just a few. Mr. Konner brings to WOF Entertainment, Inc. an extensive creative background, having worked with some of the top directors, cinematographers and actors in the entertainment industry.

RJ has also been featured in numerous television & radio commercials and in national print advertisements. He is a member of the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild / American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and AEA (Actors Equity Association).

Before Mr. Konner embarked on a full-time acting career, he was a successful automobile dealer. He owned numerous dealerships.  In 1985, the “Automotive Hall of Fame” recognized his accomplishments when they awarded him the “Young Leadership & Excellence Award,” an honor bestowed to only one individual each year throughout the entire United States.

Ben E Loggins headshot

Ben E. Loggins: Senior VP of Projects in Development

Ben began his film career in 1978 and now enjoys working primarily as an Executive Supervising Producer, Second Unit Director, First Assistant Director and Supervising Stunt Coordinator.  His forty years of experience have affectionately earned him the nickname of “Papa Bear” from his peers on the set.

For over forty years he has participated in film, TV, Shorts, Music Videos and Documentaries. Some of the titles include “Selena”, “Dallas”, “Walker Texas Ranger”, “Robo Cop”, “Miss Congeniality”, “Tender Mercies” (Academy Award winner), “Boys Don’t Cry” (Academy Award winner), “The Walking Dead” – AMC Series (Golden Globe Award Winner), “Transformers”, “The Gifted”, “Queen of the South”, “Havana Darkness”, “Welcome to Acapulco” as well as numerous Independent Feature Films.  He has also been nominated for two SAG Awards.

Lory Molino headshot

Lory Molino: Senior VP of Film Production

Lory Molino has experience in the film entertainment industry as a background actor for 23 years and has appeared in such feature films as “Creed” and “Creed II”, “Glass” & “Twelve Monkeys”. She is a SAG-AFTRA member and maintained a part-time local modeling career while maintaining a pharmaceutical career and raising a family.

Raised a New Yorker on the upper east side of Manhattan, Lory is a graduate of the prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York City and a Master’s graduate of New York University.  Prior to joining WOF, she was a prosperous neurobiologist employed in top pharmaceutical companies for over 28 years.  Ms. Molino was honored with many awards for excellence in highly respected publications and for her involvement and leadership in many projects that led to drug-to-market success.

Lory brings to WOF Entertainment her 25 years of corporate experience, her effective skills in leadership and organizational management, her self-discipline attained through martial arts (she is a second-degree black belt) and her educational background that consists of a master’s degree in Neurobiology and an MBA.  Lory was honored when Mark Lipsky offered her the opportunity to join the team as an associate producer for WOF.

Robert Schwartz headshot

Robert Schwartz: Senior VP of Film Distribution

In a career spanning over 30 years, Robert Schwartz has developed extensive ties and relationships within the entertainment industry, especially in the all-important exhibition community. He has directly overseen and shepherded the release of films that combined have earned well over $1.5 billion dollars at the box office. These films have included Memento, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Passion of the Christ, Monster, Whale Rider, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Pan’s Labyrinth. Schwartz has worked for both Major Studios and Independents, Including Orion, Polygram, Time Warner, IFC and Newmarket Films.

He brings a unique perspective and knowledge base in regard to how to efficiently and effectively run a theatrical marketing and distribution operation. Throughout his career, Schwartz has been adept at doing more with less, and has demonstrated his ability to successfully market and distribute best selling and award winning films with lower headcounts and efficiently placed marketing. Schwartz has also developed the talent and ability to determine which films to market and where and when to release them – which is a principal key to success in the film distribution industry.

Donald Cameron headshotDonald E. Cameron, Esq.: General Counsel

Donald E. Cameron has been a practicing attorney for over thirty-five years. He has represented clients in independent film and music, including actors, writers, producers, publishers, singers and musicians as well as production entities and performance venue owners. Mr. Cameron has represented these clients in both transactional and litigation matters, and has also performed legal services for non-profit organizations both in and out of the entertainment field.