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“THE AMAZING MR. Z”Family Comedy

It’s two days before Christmas. Seven-year-old Jordy loves to draw superheroes. Wearing a superhero costume, he struggles on this snow-covered garage roof and, as though flying, leaps into space.

A legend on screen reads “Six Months Earlier.” Jordy’s father, Michael Braddock writes for Newsweek. He and his wife, Emily, a real estate agent, work such long hours that Jordy spends almost as much time with the babysitter. Being undersized and shy, he often gets bullied at school.

Michael’s editor assigns him a story about a substandard nursing homes in Miami. When Emily has to attend a real estate convention, Michael winds up taking Jordy with him. There they meet grumpy Irving Zuppermann, 84, and his energetic girlfriend, Wanda Williamson, 81. Both live a Sunshine Convalescent, a Medicaid Alzheimer’s facility. The two are going to change Jordy’s life.

Wanda was placed at Sunshine because she had rescued too many homeless pets. Once a Warsaw Circus strongman whose act was “The Amazing Mr. Z,” Irving was placed at Sunshine because he insists, he’s a superhero. This explains the tattered long-sleeved shirt with a big “Z” on his chest. (And yet, Mr. Z does feats that defy logic and then there’s that secret dating back to WW II).

Unbeknownst to Mr. Z and Wanda, he’s scheduled to be moved. Encouraging others that everyone can be a superhero goes against Sunshine’s policy of sedating its residents.

Can Michael prevent his son’s “pretend grandfather” from being forced into a lockdown facility? Does he discover that with Emily and Jordy he’s already rich? Believing in Mr. Z’s “there’s a little superhero in all of us,” can Jordy stand up to the bully? And does Wanda finally get Mr. Z to marry her?

Story: Jack Neworth
Writer: Jack Neworth
Director: Nadia Tass 

“THE PRE-NUP”Romantic Comedy

THE PRE-NUP follows the hilarious consequences of an American groom proposing a pre-nuptial agreement to his British bride… the night before their wedding.

Zac Down is a well-to-do Wall Street banker who has finally proposed to Alice Norton, a British ex-pat, aspiring novelist and the love of Zac’s life.  But as soon as the happy news trickles down from Zac to his friends and family, trouble flares up.  Zac’s best man, Jim, is a divorce lawyer keen to stress the financial dangers of married life; his father, Paul, an ageing rock star and notorious womanizer married to Kelly a young, good-looking model type and Paul’s fourth wife and former secretary, demands Zac have a prenup.

Paul is now paying enough alimony to keep every Beverly Hills attorney in a new Mercedes.  As the costs of the wedding rise, seeds of doubt grow in Zac’s mind and he becomes increasingly preoccupied with his long-time security.  Then, at Zac’s bachelor party, Paul offers the bridegroom a troublesome ultimatum: have Alice sign a prenup or lose the multi-million dollar trust fund he’s set to inherit.

Story: Jonathan Lynn
Writer: Jonathan Lynn
Director: Jonathan Lynn

“UP THE TEMPO”Music based Romantic Comedy

Richard Zales, a young financial professional who disconnected from his Puerto Rican background must navigate his way through the island’s vibrant but treacherous Latin music scene when his estranged father dies and he inherits a struggling Salsa music label in San Juan.  He wants nothing to do with his ancestral homeland or his father’s legacy, his intentions are to liquidate his newly acquired assets and move on. However Jibaro Records’ acting president, the beautiful but fiery Delilah Flores is determined to keep the company intact.  They begin a sexy cat and mouse game as they maneuver against each other for control of the label

Old San Juan will also feature music and performances by a cross-generation cast of Latin music stars that will drive their wide fan bases to movie theaters and ensure a hit soundtrack.

Story: Derwin Gonzalez
Writer: Derwin Gonzalez & Mike Pirozzi
Director: Christian Suau

“FLY GUYS” – Romantic Comedy

Working at a medieval-themed restaurant named Jousts Knightly, best friends Larry Razor and Skitch Rich are constantly badgered, berated, and belittled – that is, until they decide to become flight attendants. They do this so they can meet women and fly around the country following the Bonas Brothers, their favorite teenage boy band. After quitting the restaurant in a very public manner, Larry and Skitch enroll in flight attendant academy at Eastwest Airlines, a low-rent outfit that’s basically the Denny’s of airlines: Nobody plans to end up there. It just kinda happens.

The academy is run by Thomas Osbourne, a former fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force. Osbourne has transitioned poorly to civilian life, treating the trainees like military grunts. As he says, “I’ve been a prickly bastard since I was a fetus and I ain’t stopping now.” Helping Osbourne is Martha Scoggins, a surly flight attendant so incredibly ancient she lost her virginity in a three-way with the Wright Brothers. She has no time or patience for anything but booze and smokes, and she scares the hell out of Larry, Skitch, and fellow trainees Charles Rosewood and Donna Rice (Larry’s love interest).

For their final qualifying test, the trainees must serve as the crew on a real passenger flight to Cleveland, where the Bonas Brothers are coincidentally playing their next show. But during the flight, both the pilot and co-pilot are rendered unconscious. Larry and Skitch to the rescue! Thanks to stellar flying skills honed on PlayStation and X-Box, they land the plane safely and still have time to hit the Bonas Brothers concert, where they are greeted as heroes. In the end, they save the day, get to sing with their favorite band, and officially become flight attendants. Part Airplane!, part Police Academy, and all funny, Fly Guys proves that greatness (f)lies within us all, there’s a home for everyone in this world, and the Wright Brothers were pretty damn kinky.

Story: John J. McGurk & Johnny Watson
Writer: John J. McGurk & Johnny Watson
Director: TBD


When seasoned homicide detective Kathy Connor investigates a series of brutal ritualistic murders of several young women she discovers she shares a dark link from her past with the mysterious killer. In order to stop him she must literally face her demons because The Square Root of Evil is the number of the beast! Seven (1995) meets The Exorcist (1973) in this horrifying action-packed tale of the supernatural.

Story: Bill Imbornoni & Randy Simmons
Writers: Bill Imbornoni & Randy Simmons
Director: TBA

“GENIE IN A BONG” – Stoner Comedy

Three friends, born at Woodstock, reunite on the music festival’s 40-year anniversary. There they stumble upon a Genie hidden in a bong with magical powers and a magical “stash” that is descended from royalty. A curse had trapped the Genie in the bong for centuries, and the only thing that will free him is for the person he grants a wish to have to bring about World Peace. Each friend is given a wish, and as each one is granted things do not go as planned. That old adage “Be careful what you ask for” proves true.

Lives change, history is re-written and lessons are learned and the Genie, the friends and most importantly the stash become hot commodities. Come take this ride with the magical Genie, and his magical stash, and see if the three unwitting friends can become unlikely heroes.

Story: Tommy Maher
Writer: Tommy Maher & Mike Pirozzi
Director: TBA

“IN AN INSTANT” – Inspirational Faith Based Drama

After a devastating hit-and-run interrupts Robert Aliano’s promising future and leaves him confined to a wheelchair with a traumatic brain injury he faces a long and hard road back.  But with his friends devotion, the training of a tough but caring Karate master and his own iron will he is determined to make it.

“In An Instant” is the uplifting true story of how this young man persevered – because when his body was broken the fighter remained.

Story: Robert Aliano
Writers: Meredith Post & Derwin Gonzalez
Director: TBA